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Our Vision


At Sprog Sports, we understand the importance of multisport and the benefits that a variety of different sports can have on children from a young age.  This is why we teach the core skills for seven different sports in our classes, giving children the opportunity to discover a sport that they love and develop their overall physical skills!

We alternate the sports taught in our classes every two weeks, which not only keeps the children engaged, but also provides an opportunity for them to develop a range of skills while allowing enough time to discover the sports that they enjoy!

Block Bookings

When booking onto our sessions, you can choose to book for either 6 or 12 weeks.  This means that the children are able to experience multiple sports across the sessions, and allows them time to settle in, become comfortable, and progress their skills - enjoy, learn, grow!  Rotating the sports every two weeks means that the children will be able to discover a minimum of three different sports within a booking!

Our Sports 

To book on to our classes, head to our booking page below. 

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