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Our Classes

Sprog Sports offers three different classes specifically adapted for the needs of the children in each age group.

Monkey Sprogs - 18 Months - 2 ½ Years old

Elephant Sprogs - 2 ½ Years - 3 ½ Years old

Lion Sprogs - 3 ½ Years - 5 Years old

In each group, multiple sports; including football, basketball and hockey, are introduced allowing the children to experience different sports at an age appropriate level whilst in a safe, fun environment. We learn each child's starting points and help them to develop to the best of their abilities whilst having heaps of fun! Head over to our Class Structure page to learn about our vision.





Take a look at what each class offers below!

Monkey Sprogs (Header).png

18 Months - 2.5 Years Old

With our youngest group, our emphasis is put on developing gross motor skills and early cognitive skills through the introduction of games which will lead to helping the children discover and learn about the way their body moves.

Multiple sports will be introduced in Monkey Sprogs like football, basketball, tennis, athletics, throwing and catching! The Sprogs will start to discover the fundamental aspects of the different sports and start to discover a love for sport!

Working with their parent, children will grow in confidence and become comfortable in the format of the sessions and parents will see them flourish in front of their eyes. This will provide a platform from which the children can improve their attention and listening skills so that they can begin their preparation for nursery and school life.

Monkey Sprogs will:

  • Start exploring how their bodies work

  • Begin to develop coordination

  • Start to follow instructions

  • Let their creativity go wild!

Elephant Sprogs (Header).png

2.5 Years Old - 3.5 Years Old

Building on from Monkey Sprogs, games and activities progress further adding spatial awareness alongside sport specific skills – all whilst having fun!

In Elephant Sprogs children will continue to experience football, basketball, rugby, throwing and catching as well as hockey being taught in more advanced groups! 

Parents will see confidence building with more independence being encouraged as children become less dependent on parental support during the sessions .

As the children begin to play and interact with each other, Elephant Sprogs will:

  • Continue development of gross motor skills

  • Explore working together as a team to complete a task

  • Learn early stages of Sportsmanship

  • Continue their journey to being school ready

Lion Sprogs (Header).png

3.5 Years Old - 5 Years Old

Lion Sprogs are filled with heaps of energy and these classes look to channel this positive energy into sports with high pace, fun filled games for all abilities to enjoy! These are perfect preparation for our Sprogs in the build up for school as well as a great starting point for children to see what sports they might love outside!

Lion Sprogs will experience lots of different sports like football, basketball, hockey, rugby, throwing and catching! They will start to experience more advanced games in these sports furthering their skills!

Parents will be less hands on with our Lions as independence is encouraged, with the children showing confidence in following the rules and instructions of the games.  However, parental support is still needed from the sidelines to encourage and celebrate the Sprogs' achievements!

Lion Sprogs will:

  • Start to fine tune their gross and fine motor movement

  • Learn about movement and control in team games

  • Become confident and independent learners

  • Learn how we can play together and the value of team work

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